Student Fee Review Committee




Meeting Dates






Committee Members


  • Voting Members
    • Mike Mullen, Co-Chair, Vice Chancellor and Dean, Academic & Student Affairs
    • Kelsey Mills, Co-Chair, Student Senate President
    • Alex Parker, Student Body President
    • Guadalupe Arce-Jimene, Undergraduate Student Representative
    • Matthew Melillo, Graduate Student Representative
    • Steve Keto, Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance & Resource Management
    • Krista Domnick, Interim Director, Scholarships & Financial Aid
    • Paul Williams, Professor, Poole College of Management
    • Jerome Lavelle, Associate Dean, College of Engineering
  • Non-Voting Members
    • Barbara Moses, Director, Budget Office
    • Tracy Patty, Associate Director, Budget Office
    • Rhonda Barefoot, Budget Analyst, Budget Office
    • Vicki Pennington, Assistant Vice Provost, Provost Office
  • Administrative Support
    • Vickie Youngblood, Executive Assistant
    • Sandy Jones, Director of Budget & Finance, Academic & Student Affairs