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Dr. Lisa Zapata – Interim Vice Chancellor, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor
Bret Smith – Interim Dean of University College, Senior Associate Dean
Dr. Barry Olson – Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Administration
Dr. Carrie Zelna – Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Success Programs
Justine Hollingshead – Chief of Staff and Assistant Vice Chancellor
Katie Walston – Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor and Dean
Nicole Peterson – Executive Director, Development
Pete Fraccaroli – Director, Facilities Planning and Management
Holly Durham – Assistant Vice Chancellor, Finance
Beth Buck – Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Justin Hammond – Director, Marketing and Communications
Keith Medlin – Director, Technology Services

Dr. Carrie McLean, Assistant Dean
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Katie Graham, Assistant Dean and Director
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Rich Holly, Executive Director
Jill Orr, Director – Arts Development
Mark Tulbert, Director – Arts Marketing

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The Crafts Center – Carol Nix, Director
Dance Program – Tara Mullins, Director
Gregg Museum of Art and Design – Roger Manley, Director
Music Department – Dr. Daniel Monek, Head
NC State LIVE – Sharon Moore, Director
Ticket Central – Katherine Fuller, Director
University Theatre – Joshua Reaves, Director