Leaders Under Construction

The second “Leaders Under Construction” (LUC) conference is an upcoming student leadership training held at NC State University. This conference, as a collaboration between many campus partners, was the first of its kind to focus specifically on emerging student leaders. The Student Leader Training Coordinating Committee is currently seeking presentations to encourage high impact, high profile students to embrace their growing leadership.

Throughout the conference a variety of topics will be discussed falling under 29 competencies. They are:

  • Change Management: Adaptability; Critical thinking; Flexibility; Problem Solving; Conflict Resolution
  • Communication: Interpersonal; Verbal; Written; Marketing/Promotion; Difficult Dialogue
  • Diversity: Cultural competence; Equity vs Equality; Global Insight; Intersectionality; Intercultural Effectiveness
  • Leadership: Ethical Decision Making; Value Alignment; Leadership Style; Power and Influence; Reflection
  • Organization Management: Fiscal responsibility; Team dynamics; Goal setting; Transition
  • Professional Development: Etiquette; Follow Through; Networking; Accountability

This conference aims to be interactive, engaging, and fun for all participants, while providing valuable tools and insight. As such, dynamic presentations that go beyond the lecture format will be given preference (e.g. case studies, interactive activities, fishbowl discussions, etc).