Honors and Scholars

achieve. Honors and Scholars.

The University Honors Program (UHP) and University Scholars Program (USP) enrich the educational experience of high-achieving students, providing them with a platform for fulfilling their unique potential. Students in these programs study and conduct research abroad. They present their research at academic conferences and are published in peer-reviewed journals. They receive national and international scholarships and fellowships. They are elected to serve as student body president, senior class president, and student senate president. They are recognized as valedictorians when they graduate. They enroll in advanced and innovative courses. They excel at the nation’s most prestigious graduate and professional schools and are leaders in their professions. You are invited to apply to join the ranks of these talented students at NC State.


University Honors Program at a Glance

University Scholars Program at a Glance

200 incoming first year students 400 incoming first year students
137 UHP students presented original research at academic conferences or published their findings during the 2014-15 academic year 47% of USP graduates participate in an international study or service experience during their time at NC State.
46% of spring 2015 UHP graduates went directly into graduate or professional programs. 63% of USP graduates served in a leadership position while at NC State.

 40% of 2014-15 NC State graduates with 4.0 GPAs were in the University Honors or University Scholars Program.

55% of 2014-15 Phi Beta Kappa honor society inductees were University Honors or University Scholars Program students.

60% of 2014-15 Phi Kappa Phi honor society inductees were University Honors or University Scholars Program students.


University Honors Program

The University Honors Program is an academic program which centers on NC State’s mission and institutional strengths in discovery-, inquiry-, and creativity-based learning.

University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program introduces a community of high-achieving students to the visual and performing arts, encourages them to consider issues drawn from the sciences and politics, challenges them to excel academically and inspires them to explore and engage through international and outdoor education programs.