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Our 24,000 undergraduate students do extraordinary things every day, excelling in the classroom while participating in extracurricular activities. They make a difference in the community and shape themselves into productive citizens. The Division of Academic and Student Affairs and the Howling Success initiative aims to recognize some of our truly exceptional and well-rounded undergraduate students who are showing how they Think and Do.

Students who are recognized for their Howling Success will be given a platform to tell their story and guide future students. The Division of Academic and Student Affairs will howl their success through a series of public-facing promotional content, such as digital articles, videos, and print material. They will also receive [$$$/item] in recognition of their accomplishments.

Howling Success is accepting nominations from all NC State University faculty and staff.

Nominate A Student for Howling Success

A Howling Success Nominee Should:NC State student smiling

Specific Eligibility Requirements:

  • GPA
  • In good student-conduct database standing
  • Leader in at least one(1) extracurricular program or activity
  • Involved in at least one(1) Division of Academic and Student Affairs department or program

Recipient Receives:

  • Testimonial article to be hosted on dasa.ncsu.edu
  • Testimonial video
  • Professional photo shoot
  • $$$/item
  • Face of DASA promotional material


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Howl of Fame:

Past recipients of the Howling Success recognition. [Or maybe we somehow populate an article field here with articles tagged “HowlingSuccess”?]

Name Award Date Howling Success


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