For Faculty and Staff

Academic Progress Reporting


The mission of the Office of Assessment in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs is to champion data informed decision making across the institution.

Curriculum Oversight

Academic Integrity in the Classroom


Participation of Minors on Campus

NC State welcomes the presence of minors who come to the university for limited periods of time to visit the university and to participate in its educational, enrichment, and athletic programs and activities.  This regulation sets forth standards and procedures designed to provide a safe environment for minors and to permit these visits to be carried out in a safe and responsible manner.

Educational and Technology Fee

The Educational and Technology Fee (ETF) is used to fund specialized instructional supplies and services, information technology, and other equipment and services that are important to maintaining the academic experience for our students but are not covered by appropriated funds.  

TH!NK Quality Enhancement Program

TH!NK is a new initiative on campus that is designed to cultivate students’ higher order skills in critical and creative thinking.  In TH!NK courses, students explore disciplinary content through a lens of critical and creative thinking.

Faculty Ombuds Services

The NC State Faculty Ombuds Office adheres to the highest standards and practices within the ombuds community as promulgated by the International Ombudsman Association. The core tenants are that the office is confidential, independent, impartial, and informal. Learn more about the Faculty Ombuds.