Strategic Planning Overview

The Office of Assessment is coordinating the strategic planning process for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. The process will begin January 2013 and will be completed by May 2013. We are pleased to have Rob Brodnick from Strategic Initiatives as our consultant. Rob has extensive experience working with institutions of higher education as they engage in strategic planning processes.

Strategic Planning Overview – Presentation (Spring 2014)

Participation, Process, and Timeline


Due to the size of the Division, participation for each event is by invitation only. Each Vice Provost will determine who from their areas will participate in the various events. All division employees will have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions through various online forms.

Activity One: Individual “Futuring” Exercise
January 3-January 11

The intention of this exercise is to stimulate ideas and forward thinking that will help guide conversations regarding “big ideas” at the division-level in the Divergent Ideation Workshop. Each member of DASA will have an opportunity to provide input through an online template, which will consist of several questions and additional information. It will be provided January 3rd and will be due January 11th. The materials submitted will be compiled and presented at the Divergent Ideation Workshop.
Outcome: provide opportunities for all staff and faculty to identify new ideas and opportunities

Activity Two: Divergent Ideation Workshop
January 25th from 9 to 3 in Witherspoon,  Room 126, Washington Sankofa Room

Approximately 120 staff and faculty from DASA will refine the division-level ideas that arose from the futuring into a smaller number of “big ideas” that will eventually lead to strategy.
Outcome: identify and refine the best ideas

Activity Three: Convergent Planning Seminar
February 27th from 8 to 12 in the Carmichael Recreation Center, Playzone

Once a shorter list of potential division-level ideas has been identified, the planning process will turn from divergence (creating choices) to convergence (making choices). This activity will be a planning seminar for division leadership focused on making choices.
Outcome: set strategy

Activity Four: External Stakeholders Input (Symposium)
March 22nd from 8 to 12 in the Student Health Center, 2301 Classroom

With potential key strategies identified, stakeholders external to DASA will be invited to discuss the strategies with division leadership and provide input.
Outcomes: refine strategy and build engagement

Activity Five: Drafting Workshop
April 8th from 8 to 12 in Holladay Hall, Chancellor’s Conference Room

The final activity will be a small group workshop for the strategic plan writing team and division leadership.
Outcome: first draft of the strategic plan