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Adam Schmidt is NC State's first Mount Vernon Leadership Fellow. "I think the University Scholars Program has helped me appreciate the importance of open-mindedness when going into a new experience, and I think that was incredibly valuable during my (More)
[lead]“It was the tiniest little thing,” said Mitchell Moravec, pointing to the armrest of the theatre chair, adorned with a brass plate and names of those who donated to the Arts NC State program. “That was the very first thing that made me th (More)
Written by Kasey Harris The Health and Exercise Studies department has named Katie Kennedy as the latest recipient of the Isaac Frank Ormond, III Memorial Scholarship Fund. Kennedy hails from Trinity, NC and intends to graduate in Fall of 2018 wit (More)
  [lead]The Chancellor’s Creating Community Awards highlights the most outstanding faculty member, staff member, student, student organization, and college or division for contributions in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.[/lead (More)
Alex Freedman wrote: More Than a Mentor
Written By: Kasey Harris [lead]The Fellowship Advising Office (FAO) helps students and alumni to identify and apply for more than 80 prestigious, nationally competitive, funded award opportunities. [/lead] These external awards provide full fun (More)
At a ceremony on April 23, 2018, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs recognized exemplary employees in several categories, including Pride of the Wolfpack, Awards for Excellence, Outstanding Teaching Award, and Wolfwalks awards. Awards for (More)
Madison Baldwin and Sarah Alenezi at the Lulu eGames. "My time in the USP helped me get outside of my comfort zone and experience different fields without fear. Being involved in entrepreneurship is very similar to that where you have to wear differ (More)