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Emily Mitch wrote: Exciting Wins at AFLV
Each February, student leaders from all four governing councils recognized by the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life get together to take a long bus ride to Indianapolis, Indiana. Their destination? The Association of Fraternal Leadership &am (More)
Written by Makayla Crow, College Adviser for West Bladen High School in Bladen County [lead]This summer the theme for our training was “Access Together”. It’s a great theme for us advisers because it doubles as a reminder: we can’t do it a (More)
Written by Holly Perry, College Adviser for South Creek High in Martin County [lead]Serving as a College Adviser the past few months has been one of the most rewarding, yet challenging roles that I have experienced.[/lead] Entering a new school (More)
Written by: Joselyn Barrientos, College Adviser for Southern Wayne High School in Dudley NC [lead]In the spirit of Thanksgiving last week, I wanted to share a few things that I am thankful for when I reflect on my experience so far as the College (More)
damerles wrote: 1MC Student Newsletter
1MC Fall 2013 1MC Spring 2014 1MC Fall 2014 1MC Spring 2015 1MC Fall 2015 1MC Spring 2016 Fall 18 1MC Vol 1 Fall 18 1MC Vol 2 Fall 18 1MC Vol 3 Spring 19 1MC Vol 1  (More)
This fall, NROTC at NC State welcomed 27 new Fourth-Class Midshipmen and Officer Candidates to the battalion.  All will begin their studies, while the new Midshipmen have the additional responsibility of learning the Personnel Qualification Standard (More)
acolema wrote: 9/11 Memorial Run
On Sunday, 9 September, members of the battalion participated in the Third Annual NC State 9/11 Memorial Run.  Midshipmen participated in every facet of the event, including the planning, ceremony honoring victims and first responders, and the run i (More)