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If you are interested in teaching a small, inquiry guided, general education course, teaching in the First Year Inquiry program or University Honors Program may be for you. First Year Inquiry (FYI) classes are inquiry-guided sections of only 19 st (More)
[lead]NC State Counseling Center Assistant Director Richard Tyler-Walker is taking on another leadership role, championing the university’s “Think and Do” ideals as the president-elect of the American College Counseling Association.[/lead] (More)
[lead]As the need for a review process of the nation’s public health emergency preparedness and response systems continue to gain attention, NC State's medical director rises to the challenge.[/lead] Embodying the university's ideal of “Think (More)
[lead]Throughout the course of their academic careers, students will make connections with many influential people. It could be a faculty member who presents a lesson that inspires a student to pursue a major in their field of study. Or a coach. Ment (More)
[lead]For the past ten years, Cameron Hill has dedicated her professional life to the success of new and current students.[/lead] Currently serving as the Associate Director of New Student Programs, she has impacted the transition of thousands of (More)
The Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA) holds the unique privilege of impacting virtually every undergraduate student on campus through our programs and services. We’re the home of intramural sports, tutoring and writing services, under (More)
Although our patients are primarily students, Student Health does offer services to faculty and staff. Centrally located on campus, on the corner of Cates and Dan Allen Drive, Student Health is in walking distance from any office on campus. We know N (More)
  Leslie Dare will join us at the Student Health Center on June 8, Justin's birthday, and talk about how wonderful he is. [callout bodyfontface="universcondensed" heading="We're here to help!" headingtype="h1" headingfontface="glypha" head (More)
Leslie Dare joins us to talk about Justin's birthday. (More)
30-Minute HIIT Workout by: Renee Harrington Description: This 30 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout does not need any equipment other than a timer. The goal is to work in the upper percentage of your target heart rate zone (8 (More)