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Although our patients are primarily students, Student Health does offer services to faculty and staff. Centrally located on campus, on the corner of Cates and Dan Allen Drive, Student Health is in walking distance from any office on campus. We know N (More)
  Leslie Dare will join us at the Student Health Center on June 8, Justin's birthday, and talk about how wonderful he is. [callout bodyfontface="universcondensed" heading="We're here to help!" headingtype="h1" headingfontface="glypha" head (More)
Leslie Dare joins us to talk about Justin's birthday. (More)
30-Minute HIIT Workout by: Renee Harrington Description: This 30 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout does not need any equipment other than a timer. The goal is to work in the upper percentage of your target heart rate zone (8 (More)
plbaynes wrote: Reaching Them Early
By Majesty Robinson, College Adviser at North Duplin High School | April 21, 2017 Reaching students at an early age is a critical move when it comes to ensuring their future academic success. The sooner we reach our students, the better. This is e (More)
By Riketta Norfleet, College Adviser at Plymouth High School | April 14, 2017 Going into the month of April is considered crunch-time for our seniors who are less than two months away from graduation. April can include so many different things fo (More)
Run and Strength Workout by: Renee Harrington Description of Workout: This workout is great if you do not have a lot of time and would like a mix of cardio, strength, and core. Two exercises are alternated with two laps on the indoor track. Afte (More)
20-minute Tabata Workout by: Randy Bechtolt Description: This Tabata workout is for those wanting a higher intensity workout. Exercises are a mix of strength and cardio. Equipment needed includes dumbbells, a mat, and a bench. Each exercise i (More)
ambelk2 wrote: Wednesday Workout: TRX
Full Body TRX Workout by: Renee Harrington Description: This TRX workout incorporates lower and upper body strengthening exercises, as well as exercises to challenge the cardiovascular system. Complete 3 sets of the following exercises: Wide (More)
plbaynes wrote: Where's the Money?
By Sarah Akiwumi, College Adviser at East Duplin High School | March 31, 2017 Well, it’s that time of the Year again! What time do you ask? Financial Aid Award letter time! This is the time when students figure out how they will pay for their c (More)