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Anisha Gupta "My time in the University Honors Program so far has given me the opportunity to find areas of interest beyond my major, which is in the STEM field, and has taught me how to think critically about my own perceptions of the world." In t (More)
Peyton Holmquist ‘17 is student success personified. For four years, she was engaged in a bit of everything NC State has to offer, embracing the student experience in its entirety and leaving a lasting impression on the campus community. She gradua (More)
cmashwel wrote: SNCURCS 2017
State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS) November 4, 2017 on the campus of Campbell University located in Buries Creek, NC All undergraduate students enrolled in North Carolina colleges, universities, or commu (More)
Tuesday August 1, 2017 10:30a – 3pm Talley Student Center Ballroom Please join us at the 16th Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium where undergraduate students from NC State and Summer REU Programs will share their ...read more. (More)
At the 2017 Annual Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium, students were judged by College and discipline representatives and those judges selected the top presentations/presenters.  The top presentations selected by the judges at the spring sy (More)
She is the first NC State student to be selected to participate in the 21st annual Posters on the Hill session, sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research. (More)
[lead]This month, Hanan Alex Hsain will showcase her undergraduate research work in one of the nation’s most competitive and selective events for student researchers. She is the first NC State student to be selected to participate in the 21st annua (More)