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Support and Advocacy

We empower bright minds to flourish, from dream to degree, with help from dedicated advocates and support services.

Helping Every Student Shine

Once you step foot on our campus, you’ll never walk alone.

As a land-grant university, we strive to make higher education accessible for everyone and create opportunity for all current — and potential — members of our diverse student body. Whether you have an immediate need or you’re in search of long-term support, our division is here to lend a helping hand with resources and programs that promote student success.

A Sounding Board for the Student Body

Our student ombuds offers safe, confidential guidance and advocacy to help students resolve problems related to their learning, working or living experience at NC State.

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Higher Education Is for Everyone

All students — regardless of their background, identity or resources — should have access to a high-quality education. That’s why our division offers programs that empower low-income, rural and first-generation students to get here, grow here and graduate ready for anything.

We guide middle and high schoolers statewide through the college application process, academic and career planning, SAT and ACT prep, and more. And we aid current college students in building financial and economic literacy, securing research and internship opportunities, and preparing for graduate school.

Support the Wolfpack’s Next Generation

No student’s academic journey should be halted by an unmet basic need or an unforeseen challenge. Your support provides critical assistance to ensure every member of our Pack stays on track.

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