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Faculty and Staff Resources

No matter the college or division, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs provides support and guidance for faculty and staff across NC State University.

Academic Integrity in the Classroom

Academic Enrichment Programs

Academic Progress Reporting

NC State uses the Academic Progress Reporting tool to allow instructors to easily communicate quick feedback, especially areas of concern, to students.

Advising Programs and Services


We’ve made it easy for you to connect the academic courses you teach with events offered through Arts NC State, including performances, arts and crafts exhibitions, music concerts and theatre productions.


Curriculum and Course Resources

Faculty Services

Participation of Minors on Campus

NC State welcomes the presence of minors who come to the university for limited periods of time to visit the university and to participate in its educational, enrichment and athletic programs and activities. This regulation sets forth standards and procedures designed to provide a safe environment for minors and to permit these visits to be carried out in a safe and responsible manner.

Student Support Resources

Join the Wellness and Recreation Center

Enjoy the convenience of working out on campus. Faculty and staff can join the Wellness and Recreation Center for a small yearly or monthly fee.

You’ll find training areas, a climbing center, workshop spaces and teaching kitchens, mental health services and more — all under one roof.

Staff and Faculty member working out at Carmichael Complex