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Pack Essentials Ally Knowledge Program

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The Pack Essentials Ally Knowledge Program helps faculty, staff, and students to gain a better understanding of food insecurity, housing insecurity, basic needs, and under-resourced students.

Pack Essentials Allies will be able to:

  • Define food and housing insecurity
  • Identify students experiencing basic needs insecurity
  • Refer students to appropriate resources
  • Implement best practices to better serve students and their basic needs

How to Get Certified

Faculty, staff, and student organizations can become allies by completing the PEAK Workshop on REPORTER and completing at least two of the following tasks.

  1. Include basic needs clause in syllabi
  2. Provide snacks in the office and/or at events
  3. Incorporate basic needs into curriculum/activities
  4. Donate to or volunteer with Feed the Pack
  5. Complete an additional webinar