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About the Institute

Our Mission

Here at the Institute for Temporal Observation and Application our mission is for the betterment of mankind and the advancement of world peace through the use of technology. The Institute operates under a strong sense of exploration, togetherness, and innovation, with cutting edge research happening every day.

The Institute was originally founded at NC State in 1968 by the esteemed Dr. Alister Beldon and his colleague Dr. Roger Meridian. Together, they imagined a communal research institution on campus, where free-thinking scientists could pursue research in Astrophysics, Negative Energies, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mysticism, Retrocausality, and most importantly, Transdimensional science. 

Over the course of the following decades, Dr. Beldon has gathered the brightest students and greatest minds to innovate and enhance science and the world as we know it. The Institute has developed a plethora of breakthrough technologies and led the field of Transdimensional Science.

Today, The Institute remains a leader and is continuing to push its own boundaries. Having recently launched innovative new studies into many of these fields, The Institute seeks to propel further discovery, both inward and outward, that will continue to reverberate throughout all of time.

The Institute is an independent program and is not affiliated with the Physics Department.