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Food and Housing Insecurity at NC State

Because experts agree that the global psychological, economic, and health impacts of COVID-19 likely will continue long after the pandemic has subsided, higher education institutions must move quickly to find innovative ways to support students who are most vulnerable to the negative impacts of COVID-19. 

  • 15% of students at NC State have experienced homelessness since the pandemic began.
  • Nearly 25% have experienced food insecurity in a 30-day period.
  • Student wellness has been poor during the pandemic, with many students indicating that they rarely feel cheerful, calm, or in good spirits; they are not rested and they lack vigor. These feelings are much more intense for students who are food or housing insecure and those who have experienced homelessness.
  • Learning has been impacted, with nearly 90% of students who have experienced homelessness reporting that their learning has been negatively impacted by their living situation.

Steering Committee


Mary Haskett, Faculty, Department of Psychology, CHASS
Sarah Wright, Assistant Director for Student Support Services, TRiO Program


Dr. Deanna Dannels, Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS)


Thomas Barrie, Faculty of Architecture, College of Design
Sarah Bowen, Faculty of Sociology, Humanities and Social Sciences
John Classen, Faculty of Bio and Ag Engineering, CALS
Emilia Cordero Oceguera, Graduate Assistant – Basic Needs Navigator
Tracy Dixon, Facilities & Sustainability, Office of Finance and Administration
John Dorris, Director, Evaluation & Assessment, Industry Expansion Solutions
Shannon Dupree, Director of Wellness, Wellness & Recreation
Lori Foster, Faculty of Psychology, CHASS
Kathy Ford, Business Services, Poole College of Management
Marcelle France, Manager, Student Services Center, EMAS
Mike Giancola, Student Ombudsman, DASA
Claire Gordy, Faculty of Biology, College of Sciences
Shaefny Grays, Director of Diversity, College of Natural Resources
Melissa Green, Director of Student Leadership and Engagement, DASA
Lindsey Haynes-Maslow, Faculty of Ag and Human Sciences
Shawn Hoch, Sr Director Dining and Hospitality Services, Campus Enterprises
Julie Ivy, Faculty of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Alyssa Jennings, Wilson College of Textiles
Meggie Metcalf, Academic Advisor, Wilson College of Textiles
Dilan Muthukumarana, Student research assistant; PEAK Co-coordinator
Branda Nowell, Faculty, School of Public and International Affairs, CHASS
Maura Nsonwu, Faculty of Social Work, CHASS
Katrina Pawvluk, Director of Housing, University Housing
Teri Price, Student Records and Academic Programs, PCOM
Andrea Ramos-Lewis, Shelton Leadership
Krista Ringler, Office of Financial Aid
Melissa Ramirez, Faculty of Biology, College of Sciences
Anona Smith, Associate Dean, College of Education
David Tully, Fellow, University Libraries
Sooyoung Uhm, Dietician, Student Health Services
Elijah Virachittevin, Student research assistant; PEAK Co-coordinator
Kalysha Wall, Academic Advisor, College of Natural Resources
Katherine Williams, Wake County, Wake County Extension