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[lead]“Anything we can do to help make sure there are less barriers for people to have the experience we had at NC State - it's helped us tremendously in our career paths,” said Neal Bateman.[/lead] For Neal ‘98 and Ashley ‘98 Bateman, lower (More)
[lead]NC State students inspire. Ask anyone in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs what gets them to work each morning, and they will answer, “the students.”[/lead] Yet faculty and staff are not the only ones who are energized by stud (More)
[lead]A former student and recent mechanical engineering graduate, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently reflected on his time spent in Coach Brown’s class and why he decided to make a donation to the Health and Exercise Studies department in Co (More)
[lead]“It was the tiniest little thing,” said Mitchell Moravec, pointing to the armrest of the theatre chair, adorned with a brass plate and names of those who donated to the Arts NC State program. “That was the very first thing that made me th (More)